Grand Lauch of our E-SPORTS Event in February, 2017.

The Exceptional Academy is officially accepting enrollee’s!!!

We provide specially designed programs once a week – involving Football & Fitness.
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Welcome to EXCEPTIONAL SPORTS Philippines

EXCEPTIONAL SPORTS is a program in Manila where children with special needs (like Autism, ADHD and other similar challenges) who are five year of age or older can participate in sports alongside their peers in an inclusive environment. The staff and volunteers are dedicated to empowering children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential through the power of participating in football, basketball and fitness.

Our volunteers are specifically screened and prepared by professionals to ensure they will take excellent care of the children under their care. In every activity, the first priority of the organization is the safety of the kids enrolled, and each session is filled with fun activities as well as therapeutic drills to help build trust between the children and the adults supervising them. The volunteer to child ratio at an event is typically 1:1, and the family members of the children enrolled often leave as impacted and inspired as the children themselves.
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Monthly Events

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Sessions where we focus on the weakness and strengh of each kid individual.


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