Paolo Enrile

Director & Founder

Paolo Enrile is a Filipino student, who felt that giving back to those less fortunate or who have nothing to give back is one way a person can touch the hearts of people around him. He has worked as a volunteer for Hope WorldWide throughout his childhood. Realizing he is blessed, he took to pushing programs for kids’ development in poor communities like the Hope Center by coaching soccer. He has coaching experience with kids aged 5 to 18. He has also played professional soccer for various clubs including Nomads, Manila Jeepney, and Socceroo. While still enrolled in university, he manages to juggle his time with working part-time and focusing on the E-Sports program that he and his dad sought to bring over and expand in the Philippines.

Janett Jäger

Operations Manager & Co-Founder

Janett Jäger grew up in Paderborn, Germany, and has spent most of her life living and working in Germany and has extensive experience with IT as a systems specialist. In July 2014 she decided to move to the Philippines for an international volunteer program. She worked for an NGO that focuses on children’s rights in the Philippines, to help kids who are less fortunate. She has spent a year working on various projects for the NGO and has found a new calling in E-SPORTS. Janett has seen the potential of this exciting endeavor and is now our Head of Administration. Sports and fitness is a huge part of her life and she believes that this approach is a great way for our organization to help guide children with exceptional needs. She is also currently studying psychology so that she may contribute her learnings and skills towards guiding and assessing the children in the EXCEPTIONAL program.

Rajeev Panemanglor

Sport Scientist

Rajeev studied his bachelors at university of hertfordshire in the UK then did his masters at the VU University Amsterdam. He worked with the nutrition team for ironman triathletes competing in Barcelona. Rajeev also worked as a sport scientist for he U18s Dutch national team in Judo. One of the girls was #2 in the world Helped do research for the football club, AFC Amsterdam academy Worked as sport scientist and physical preparation coach for Great Oak Manor Academy. He won Pilipinas Cup Worked as a sport science consultant & operations at Focus Athletics and now he is head of sport science & physical preparation coach for Ilocos United FC Alongside. Rajeev supports the E-SPORTS Program with specialist Drill Manuals and his international background about sports.

Carlos Pips Rizikó


Pips is a gentle spirit residing inside an earthly human body. His parent’s gave him this robustic name, ‘Carlos’ but his friends prefered to call him by his cutie patootie child-friendly nickname, ‘Pips’. He practices the profession of a sports’ coach. Pips has been playing baseball from grade school to college as a varsity. From the inter-school to UAAP tournament to Titans Baseball League, the passion was always there. And so he does outreach programs for kids, elderly, abandoned grannies from 2009, 2010, … up to present day. He became an advocate coach of Youth Sports Advocacy in 2014. They give free sports training for the kids ages 6-12. In year 2016, Pips met Paolo Enrile and Janett Jaeger at the weekly dodgeball social open game, where he is one of the organizers. And then, E-sports happened. The rest is history of a lifetime journey of sharing unconditional love to these little souls with big hearts …

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… with Paolo, Janett and the rest of the team. He also experience that same intense feeling and satisfaction in playing baseball, every time I play and coach the these awesomely pulchritude exceptional kids. Currently, Pips is the head of Sports Ministry in Lingkod of Panginoon and serves the (Servant of God) community. As a coach of E-SPORTS he helps out at the weekly special sessions and is one of the coaches at the monthly events too.

Pips always believes in St. Francis of the Assisi’s line from the song IL SIGNORE, “It is in giving that we receive”. We receive unfathomable joy when we give, most especially with an extra-mile love to a destitute perfect stranger. It’s God’s unconditional love who inspired him to do what He is doing today. And so, he make this verse from Matthew 25:40 as a reminder and as his grateful response of His immense love for Me, “…when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”

Suzette Bongalosa

Event Organizer

Suzette sees the importance of volunteerism since her college days as she was an active volunteer of ICES, a charity arm of her alma mater Adamson University. Later on, she developed the deep passion for charitable work when she started working as an adviser of Rotaract Club of SISFU where she works with her students to organize charity events to support various organizations. In addition to that she also volunteers to a couple of NGO and after years of looking for an organization to share her expertise in organizing events, she finally found Esports. Suzette believes in the vision and mission of the organization and as a sports enthusiast and a volunteer at heart she knows that the organization will not only touch the lives of the kids and their families but will also make a huge difference in the Philippines. One exceptional kid a time!

Koko and Faridah Enrile


Parents Coordinator & Advisor

Francisco (Koko) and Faridah Enrile have been married for 23 years with a son studying at Dela Salle University and 2 girls who are in middle school.  Both of them have been serving in the full time ministry since 1994 as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader respectively and have gained an experience of over 20 years of counselling families and marriages.  Francisco was a partner and General Manager of Great Southern Maritime Services Inc., for 4 years prior to entering the full time ministry, while Faridah was the Sales Director for Mega Commercial company.  Faridah holds a Diploma in Marriage and Family Counseling from the Center of Family Ministries from the Ateneo and Francisco is a certified Solution Focused Practitioner and currently studying to be certified as a Solution Focused Therapist.

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Both are also certified Dynamic Marriage Facilitators and very recently finished their training and are Trainers for both the I Choose Us marriage program and the Good Enough Parenting program by the Louie Counselling & Training Services Pte, Ltd, Singapore.  These programs utilize a very innovative approach called Movie Therapy and they were directly trained by its founders John and Karen Louis, who are based in Singapore.

Francisco Enrile was the past Country Director for Hope Worldwide and was responsible for the implementation of the USDA grant to construct a children’s village in Bina, Laguna.  Francisco, serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of HOPE Worldwide Philippines.  Both of them are also serving as the Lead Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader of the Metro Manila Christian Church and its affiliated churches all over the Philippines.