E-FITNESS is one of 4 different sports used in the E-SPORTS program. E-FITNESS is the base sports program which incorporates all 4 sports into one which include football, basketball and martial arts. These 4 different practices will play a part in each drill, which the child will be accompanied by a volunteer to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Drills begin with ball work and running depending on the type of drill the children will either dribble or kick with hands or feet and during the drill the child will be exposed to running, which is a form of fitness while we add up dynamic stretching and continue on to a martial arts based workout. Through each drill every child will be able to experience and learn the basics of every sport with giving each child a workout and while they are emmersed in an active fun environment.

We also encourage parents to be apart of the every child’s time/activity to insure a trust building with volunteer, other parents and as well the E-SPORTS family.

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