Program with Perth Glory Australia

30 football players of the club Perth Glory traveled to the Philippines for a pre-season tour. E-Sports organized a football clinic for them with the children of Hope and The TLC Learning Center.

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NEW Partnership with The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC)

TLC is a school, where children of all disabilities and backgrounds learn side-by-side in a nurturing, positive environment. E-SPORTS teaches selected TLC students basic drills in basketball and soccer every first and third Friday of each month.

Thank you for your trust The Learning Center, Inc. We are so happy and excited for the coming month!

Basic Soccer Training with The Learning Center

Selected students from the Adult Division Classes learned the basics of soccer last Friday, April 29, 2016. They completed drills with their teachers and our Coach Paolo of Exceptional Sports. Thank you so much! We can´t wait to have more fun with all of you!!!



E-FITNESS is one of 4 different sports used in the E-SPORTS program. E-FITNESS is the base sports program which incorporates all 4 sports into one which include football, basketball and martial arts. These 4 different practices will play a part in each drill, …

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