Upcoming Events

The events are all about the basic drills of:

  • cardio (running),
  • foot-eye and hand/eye coordination,
  • minimum push up/sit ups,
  • basics drills of basketball,
  • soccer and
  • fitness
  • fun ball games in groups

Each drill is comprised of a number of small groups by age beginning with 5 year old kids. Within each group, 8-10 kids participating together alongside each other. Each group is run by a head coach with several assisting coaches, and/or mentors.

The coach to child ratio will be 1:1 to encourage the best learning and focus on the activities. Buddy System or BIG BROTHER / BIG SISTER relationships!

We also encourage parents to be apart of the every child’s time/activity to insure a trust building with volunteer, other parents and as well the E-SPORTS family.

Please make sure to be there 30 min before the event starts!

Phone: 09773296373


June 16, 2pm – 4pm
(registration period: May 21, 9am – June 12)

July 21, 2pm – 4pm
(registration period: June 21, 9am  – July 17)

August 18, 2pm – 4pm
(registration period: July 23, 9am – August 14)

September 15, 2pm – 4pm
(registration period: August 20, 9am – Sep 11)

Sparta Philippines
126 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Event Registration for Volunteers

Event Registration for Kids

The slots for June 16 are already full. Please sign up for the next event within the registration period. Thank you

Dear Parents, please note:

    • Entrance fee for each child will be 50 Pesos
    • We just have limited slots for the kids – “first come, first serve”
    • Walk ins (without registration) can’t be accepted
    • You can just register for one event at a time. If you added more dates in the registration form, we will just accept the first one. Every event has its one registration period (see above).
    • Lets be fair. If you signed up, but you can’t make – please let us know ahead. Then we give your slot to another child.

Please note:

Coach Responsibility

The role of the head coach is to ensure the overall smooth running of the sport session. Part of his/her duties are:

  • Plan for weekly practice; communicate the plan to their volunteers
  • Keeping the practice going
  • Give feedback on how practices/games are running
  • Ensuring that the children are coming FIRST; inclusion (practice and games)
  • Coordinating the games; making sure there is an even number of exceptional and typical players playing during the games and making sure that everyone has a turn
  • Responsible for what is happening on the field during games
  • Picking the drills/games to be performed in each session.
  • Keeping track of the duration of each drill and adjusting it accordingly.
  • Ordering the drills such that transitions are smooth and down time is minimized.
  • Ensuring that the drills are being performed correctly.
  • Mentoring the volunteers (e.g. teach them to lead the drills by allowing them to lead drills once in a while).
  • Ensuring that during breaks and at the end of the sessions, the children safely get to their parents.
  • Keeping track of the individual and group progress and adjusting the level of difficulty of the drills to match the children’s progress.
  • Communicating with parents about the children’s needs and progress.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Volunteer Responsibility

The role of the volunteer is to aid the head coach in ensuring that each session runs smoothly. In particular they must:

  • Responsible for what is happening on the sidelines during games
  • Help to supervise the children to make sure they are performing the drills properly
  • Participate in the drills in the instances that coaches are included in the drills.
  • Ensuring that children are always occupied during the drills. (E.g. keeping children occupied while waiting in lines by having them cheer the other children etc).
  • Making sure there is a smooth transition between drills (e.g. beginning to setup the following drillwhile the present drill is winding down).
  • Ensuring that every child understands the head coaches instructions (e.g. where to go, how toperform a drill etc)
  • Ensuring that during breaks and at the end of the sessions, the children safely get to their parents.
  • Providing 1-on-1 help to the children with special needs that require individual help.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!